Journey Into Ashtanga Yoga

There is a beauty in trying different yoga styles. Recently, I signed up for a specialized class series on Ashtanga Yoga for intermediate yogis. And it was difficult. Really difficult. Taught by Melissa Perret, the level of body awareness, focus on breathe and endurance required was intense. And wonderful. Never have I delved into my hips […]

The Radiance Sutras

Sacred texts sing of my reality, But I cannot be found in them, For I am the one listening. I am closer than breathe.   Heat and fire are not two separate things. These are just verbal distinctions.   The Goddess and the One who Holds Her Are one and the same. We are inseparable. […]

Welcome Year Of The Monkey

This video by, Yoga by Candace, is a gentle hip-opening sequence designed to prepare the body to work on Hanumanasa (Monkey Pose or Splits). The splits is a difficult pose to begin with and  can require work on the hips,  psoas muscles and hamstrings as preparation. With any yoga practice, please do so with caution. […]