Prep For Wheel Using Bridge Pose

Wheel Pose can feel like a beautiful open release. When you get there comfortably. To work to create that comfort, practicing Bridge pose is a good way to start and progress. In Bridge, back-body on the mat, hands alongside the long sides of the mat, palms facing down feet hip distance apart, approaching fingertips, press […]

Getting Started With Abhyanga Massage

“Touch is an essential part of the human experience. Massage can be relief to the mind and body.” Recently, I had the experience of having a professional Abhyanga massage. The Therapist applied a variety of Vata-Pitta balancing oils in long strokes along the long bones of the body and short circular strokes on the joints. […]

Meditation In Asana

“You can lose the benefits of what you are doing because of focusing too much partial attention on trying to perfect the pose, but from where to where? That is where things become difficult. Focusing on one point is concentration. Focusing on all points at the same time is meditation. Meditation is centrifugal as well […]

5 Cues Moving Into Standing Forward Fold

Standing forward fold isn’t formed to reach the forehead to the legs, it’s reaching the top of the head towards the floor. Balance on the balls of the feet moving the center of gravity forward. Rotate hips towards the mat. Engage legs, pressing through the feet. Tuck chin under. Maintain flat back. Breathe.