Keeping Vata Balanced In The Tech Era

“At a physical level, to counter high Vata dosha requires first a rich and nutritive diet with regular cooked meals and mild spices to aid in digestion, with whole grains, beans and dals, root vegetables, seeds, nuts and dairy products, particularly of Vata-reducing properties. Relative to our physical life-style going outdoors into nature, with fresh […]

Kitchen Pantry Essentials To Cook Ayurvedically

  “Each day, you have a choice. You get to decide what food will nourish your body. Diet choices have a significant influence on how you think, feel, look and act. More often than not, in the midst of modern life, these choices become one of convenience rather than one of consciousness. …Stocking an Ayurvedic […]

2 Simple Exercises In Grounding

  In the midst of Vata season, grounding can be a key element in maintaining calm. “When we’re calm, our brains turn on the prefrontal cortex—the part of our brains responsible for big-picture thinking—and we naturally begin making decisions that better serve us. When we learn to be supported by the ground, we can live […]

Adding Herbs To Dinner, Easy Peasy Style

  “One of the simplest, yet most profound, aspects of Ayurvedic nutrition is the use of herbs in cooking. Not only do herbs make your food taste fantastic, they also provide some little-known health benefits. One of the most prominent benefits is to your digestive system.” Continue to read more here: Ayurvedic-herbs-for-the-kitchen!       […]

Are You Using Harmful Hair Products?

“While this research indicates a daily Ayurvedic oil massage may help increase CSF flow and brain lymphatic drainage by stimulating these marma points and boosting the flow of the emissary veins, use of chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners may also be using these emissary veins to deliver dangerous toxins into the brain. Try to source the […]

What Does Envy Have To Do With Gratitude?

“Melting envy with the brilliance of understanding and gratitude is the vision advanced here.” “The envy spoken about here is the deepest, most nonconscious root at the base of emotion. It is original and ancestral, embedded in the phylogenetic history of what it is to be human– having the capability to know, to know that […]

Creating A Warm Space In Your Home

“An element of self-care that sometimes falls from the conversation is crafting a cozy, comforting living space. It’s not a superficial concern. Your home is where you spend the largest chunk of your time, and if there’s stressful clutter or unclean conditions, your sanctuary may not be functioning as the cure-all it can be. ” […]