“Kindness Is Contagious”

Something contagious not to fear. “The good news on the epidemic front is that, just as rudeness spreads like a virus, so does kindness. Scottish scientist David Hamilton, PhD, asserts that, just as colds and flus are contagious in a bad way, so is kindness in a good way.” Read more here.

5 Ways To Make Self-love Our Default Setting*

“The ancient yogic texts urge us to practice ahimsa, the practice of having compassion for self and others. But the texts don’t lay out exactly how to do ahimsa, leaving it to each one of us to define it in our own way. So how can we make self-love our default setting?” Read More Below… […]

Our Brains Are Wired To Connect

“When you experience more pain, there is more activity in the dACC (region of the brain). Lots of studies had shown this before ours – but ours was the first study to show that this as true not only for physical pain but for social pain as well. In both cases, a person’s ability to […]

Deepening Your “Yoga Friends” Relationships

Yoga is wildly popular in North America. It draws people together. At dinner, after class or over chai, delve into the people around you.   Perhaps Listen. Remain quiet and Listen. The first step in understanding.   Perhaps Ask. From their story.   What drew you to yoga? What is your favorite pose and why? Have […]

Getting A Start On Simplifying

  With the stress of modern life, paring down the things that need our attention to those that are of the most importance, can create not only a space of calm without but a space of calm within. “If you’ve contemplated simplifying your life, you’re not alone. Simplifying doesn’t mean we have to give away […]

May Flowers

“Worship does not mean offering flowers. It means offering your heart To the vast mystery Of the universe.   It means letting your heart pulse With the life of the universe, Without thought and without reservation.   It means being so in love That you are willing to dissolve And be recreated in every moment.” […]

Meditation In Asana

“You can lose the benefits of what you are doing because of focusing too much partial attention on trying to perfect the pose, but from where to where? That is where things become difficult. Focusing on one point is concentration. Focusing on all points at the same time is meditation. Meditation is centrifugal as well […]

The Radiance Sutras

All this talk of purity and impurity, These are just opinions. Beyond them Are the miraculous energies of creation.   Rays of light from a trillion suns Illumine the altar of your sky. Rolling blue-green oceans Sanctify the air you breathe. In this moment, you are inhaling their blessing. Who are you to call any […]

Spring Cleaning With Breath

“As the leaves aerate the tree and provide nourishment for its healthy growth, so pranayama feeds and aerates the cells, nerves, organs, intelligence and consciousness of the human system. When we are performing an asana, we can only extend the body fully if we synchronize the breath with the movement. Prana is energy. Ayama is […]

The Radiance Sutras

Sacred texts sing of my reality, But I cannot be found in them, For I am the one listening. I am closer than breathe.   Heat and fire are not two separate things. These are just verbal distinctions.   The Goddess and the One who Holds Her Are one and the same. We are inseparable. […]

Welcome Year Of The Monkey

This video by, Yoga by Candace, is a gentle hip-opening sequence designed to prepare the body to work on Hanumanasa (Monkey Pose or Splits). The splits is a difficult pose to begin with and  can require work on the hips,  psoas muscles and hamstrings as preparation. With any yoga practice, please do so with caution. […]

Natural Ways To Renew In 2016

Shared from the Banyan Botanical Blog: “A daily warm oil massage. There is no better way to shower yourself with love and attention, and to ease all the tensions that have a way of crystalizing in the body. Choose a general oil like sesame, bring in some herbs with an oil specific to your vata […]

Letting Go

“All that you are attached to, all that you Love, all that you know, someday will be gone. Knowing this, and that the world is your mind which you create, play in, and suffer from, is known as discrimination. Discriminate between the real and the unreal. The known is unreal and will come and go […]