Have You Wondered What Different Poses Represent?

Pigeon Pose: “The country pigeon is known for puffing up its chest in pride. While they’re not often recognized for this, pigeons have a unique ability to find their home from a distant location. Homing pigeons symbolize as­surance and confidence in challenging situations. They represent a feel­ing of safety and security that allows a positive sense […]

Maintaining Your Yoga Practice While Vacationing

Modify your existing practice Plan a consitent time for it Bring your gear Know that you don’t need any gear Do what you can Keep people aware of the importance of your practice and get their buy-in Keep it simple, let go, enjoy your trip Incidentally, I went on vacation a few weeks ago, found a sunny spot […]

Yoga In The Workplace

Deadlines, continuous change, personality conflicts, money (!); work can be stressful. Taking a moment whenever you feel your shoulders tense up can do a world of good. In those moments focusing on a deep long inhale and exhale, a walk to the washroom or pouring some water, while mindfully letting go everything else and focusing on the present moment, […]

Deepening Your “Yoga Friends” Relationships

Yoga is wildly popular in North America. It draws people together. At dinner, after class or over chai, delve into the people around you.   Perhaps Listen. Remain quiet and Listen. The first step in understanding.   Perhaps Ask. From their story.   What drew you to yoga? What is your favorite pose and why? Have […]

Quick Review: Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga

Common in the western world, are three main lineages of Hatha yoga practices; Patanjali Classical Yoga, Advaita Vedanta Yoga and Tantric Yoga*. During a typical Hatha yoga class, a teacher may discuss the “Limbs or Branches of Yoga.” These limbs comprise the spiritual evolution guidelines and purpose for Yoga practice. Eight limbs philosophy falls under Patanjali […]

3 Variations Of Childs Pose

  A common cue in yoga class, is to come down into child’s pose to rest. Many variations are available. Three variations are shown above. It may be best to experiment with each to see which one provides the relief needed.  

Prep For Wheel Using Bridge Pose

Wheel Pose can feel like a beautiful open release. When you get there comfortably. To work to create that comfort, practicing Bridge pose is a good way to start and progress. In Bridge, back-body on the mat, hands alongside the long sides of the mat, palms facing down feet hip distance apart, approaching fingertips, press […]

Meditation In Asana

“You can lose the benefits of what you are doing because of focusing too much partial attention on trying to perfect the pose, but from where to where? That is where things become difficult. Focusing on one point is concentration. Focusing on all points at the same time is meditation. Meditation is centrifugal as well […]

5 Cues Moving Into Standing Forward Fold

Standing forward fold isn’t formed to reach the forehead to the legs, it’s reaching the top of the head towards the floor. Balance on the balls of the feet moving the center of gravity forward. Rotate hips towards the mat. Engage legs, pressing through the feet. Tuck chin under. Maintain flat back. Breathe.

AcroYoga, Thought About Trying It?

  AcroYoga can be an intense way of deepening friendships and relationships through trust building, and communication. “AcroYoga might not be what you think. What it can be is a practice that literally takes yoga as you know it to a new height. Wednesday nights at The Mosaic Centre (2003-91st SW). Each week there is a theme. […]

Spring Cleaning With Breath

“As the leaves aerate the tree and provide nourishment for its healthy growth, so pranayama feeds and aerates the cells, nerves, organs, intelligence and consciousness of the human system. When we are performing an asana, we can only extend the body fully if we synchronize the breath with the movement. Prana is energy. Ayama is […]

5 Cues To Move Deeper Into Wheel

  Wheel (upward bow) pose is a wonderful release for the heart. 1. Press down through your hands into the mat flattening down your fingers into the mat, extending the front body open. 2. Press firmly down through the foot into your mat. The resulting movement will give more lift in the hips. 3. Squeeze a block […]

Journey Into Ashtanga Yoga

There is a beauty in trying different yoga styles. Recently, I signed up for a specialized class series on Ashtanga Yoga for intermediate yogis. And it was difficult. Really difficult. Taught by Melissa Perret, the level of body awareness, focus on breathe and endurance required was intense. And wonderful. Never have I delved into my hips […]

Welcome Year Of The Monkey

This video by, Yoga by Candace, is a gentle hip-opening sequence designed to prepare the body to work on Hanumanasa (Monkey Pose or Splits). The splits is a difficult pose to begin with and  can require work on the hips,  psoas muscles and hamstrings as preparation. With any yoga practice, please do so with caution. […]

Upcoming Valentines Partner Session

“Love Is In The Wordless” Looking for something special and fun this Valentine’s Day? Master Teachers, Sarah & Cole, are holding a “Playful Partner Exploration” February 14th, 2016.  Join them for a 2 hour indulgent experience @ Yogalife North. They’ll explore with acro-yoga, yin yoga, contact dance, and other playful partner collaborations. Recommended for anyone with some yoga experience […]

Releasing The Psoas

Why release the Psoas? Stretching the psoas muscles can increase general body balance and release deeply buried emotions. The psoas muscle is the centering muscle of the body located behind the abdominal core, attaching the spine to the lower body. In modern society, it can become shortened from long periods of sitting. There are a few ways to […]

20+ Yoga & Meditation Playlists On Google Play

Yoga and Mediation Playlists on Songzas free music streaming service range from “Yoga: Elevation of Spirit” to “Classic Rock Relaxation.” These playlists are useful for those periods of time when relaxation and focus are desired. Cliche, but there probably is something for everyone’s style. Listen Here…play.google.com/music/listen