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Meditation In Asana

Downward Dog_yba

“You can lose the benefits of what you are doing because of focusing too much partial attention on trying to perfect the pose, but from where to where? That is where things become difficult. Focusing on one point is concentration. Focusing on all points at the same time is meditation. Meditation is centrifugal as well as centripetal. In concentration, you want to focus on one point, and the other points lose their potential. But if you spread the concentration from the extended parts to all other parts of the body, without losing the concentration on the extended part, then you will not lose the inner action or the outer expression of the pose, and that teaches you what meditation is. Concentration has a point of focus; meditation has no points. That is the secret.” ¬†Something to ponder and work with in Asana practice.

~B.K.S Iyengar, The Tree Of Yoga



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