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Treating Rosacea With Ayurveda

“Although a specific cause has not yet been elucidated, rosacea has been linked to a variety of factors including chronic infection, poor digestion, improper diet, medication side-effects, and lifestyle factors.” How to get rid of rosacea

The Need For Certainty

“At any given time, much of our suffering comes not from the moment we are in, but instead from our projection of what will happen in the future….Not knowing what will happen next leaves us open not solely to doom and gloom, but to other possibilities as well….The point is that we don’t know and […]

Spring! Cleanse Options For Your Dosha

“Now is a great time to consider doing a simple Spring Cleanse. A cleanse is an easy way to buffer your health and protect your well-being for the coming months and beyond. An Ayurvedic Cleanse Supports the elimination of toxins from the body Increases energy and vitality Supports healthy weight management Relaxes the nervous system […]

Adding Herbs To Dinner, Easy Peasy Style

  “One of the simplest, yet most profound, aspects of Ayurvedic nutrition is the use of herbs in cooking. Not only do herbs make your food taste fantastic, they also provide some little-known health benefits. One of the most prominent benefits is to your digestive system.” Continue to read more here: Ayurvedic-herbs-for-the-kitchen!       […]

Are You Using Harmful Hair Products?

“While this research indicates a daily Ayurvedic oil massage may help increase CSF flow and brain lymphatic drainage by stimulating these marma points and boosting the flow of the emissary veins, use of chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners may also be using these emissary veins to deliver dangerous toxins into the brain. Try to source the […]

Your Spine In Cat & Cow Pose

“Bringing movement and flexibility to your spine helps your body to become more coordinated. Try a few slow rounds of Cat-Cow when you wake in the morning, or after sitting for a long period. You may notice yourself walking taller throughout the day!” Read more about how to do cat & cow in alignment, to […]

3 Videos Working Into King Pigeon Pose

Perhaps you’ve been doing pigeon for awhile in class and starting to wonder about deepening the pose. There are multiple pigeon pose variations that will lead you into King Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Kapotanasana), after time. These short videos are helpful in understanding what poses to prepare with for King Pigeon and what is the technique […]

Feature On Warrior II

Thinking about the energetics of poses: by energetics, I am referring to the way we use the energy of the body to deepen or stabilize a pose. Warrior II pose comes to mind as a strong example of where this can be seen in the beginning stages of yoga. “Warrior II requires lots of strength and stability, […]

Moving Into Headstand

Headstand has been coming up quite a bit lately and with the wintery weather here, it’s a good time to get some indoor practice in. This video from “Yoga By Adrienne” is a great slow moving tutorial on how to prep for, set-up and practice headstand (Salamba Sirsasana). It would be a good idea to […]

What Does Envy Have To Do With Gratitude?

“Melting envy with the brilliance of understanding and gratitude is the vision advanced here.” “The envy spoken about here is the deepest, most nonconscious root at the base of emotion. It is original and ancestral, embedded in the phylogenetic history of what it is to be human– having the capability to know, to know that […]

Why Gratitude?

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough” ~Melodie Beatty “Gratitude is an attitude and way of living that has been shown to have many benefits in terms of health, happiness, satisfaction with life, and the way we relate to others. It goes hand in hand with mindfulness in its focus […]