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“Holding Space” In A Yoga Class

Holding space in yoga classes isn’t just for Yoga teachers. You can hold space for yourself  and you can hold space for your classmates. And not just in Yoga class. At a wonderful happy hips class thi s past Sunday, the woman practicing next to me had amazing ujjayi breath. Her breath was audible and […]

Creating A Warm Space In Your Home

“An element of self-care that sometimes falls from the conversation is crafting a cozy, comforting living space. It’s not a superficial concern. Your home is where you spend the largest chunk of your time, and if there’s stressful clutter or unclean conditions, your sanctuary may not be functioning as the cure-all it can be. ” […]

How Yoga Can Improve Your Gut Health

“I know firsthand that our energy levels, how we think and feel each day, the vitality of our skin, and the health of our digestive and immune systems stem from the happenings within the gut environment.” My gut health is something I work on daily. Improving this has made a huge difference in my moods, […]

5 Ways To Reduce Inflammation

“Want to start connecting the dots in your own life? First, let’s learn about acute and chronic inflammation, since they play very different roles in our everyday health. Then, we’ll cover the causes of chronic inflammation and how to reduce its impact on your health.” Fly over to hear what Antonia Balfour has to saw about […]

5 Ways To Make Self-love Our Default Setting*

“The ancient yogic texts urge us to practice ahimsa, the practice of having compassion for self and others. But the texts don’t lay out exactly how to do ahimsa, leaving it to each one of us to define it in our own way. So how can we make self-love our default setting?” Read More Below… […]

Have You Wondered What Different Poses Represent?

Pigeon Pose: “The country pigeon is known for puffing up its chest in pride. While they’re not often recognized for this, pigeons have a unique ability to find their home from a distant location. Homing pigeons symbolize as­surance and confidence in challenging situations. They represent a feel­ing of safety and security that allows a positive sense […]

What Are The Expectations On You?

The journey for meaning in life is a universal human experience. That journey takes on many forms, hardships and highs. An insightful quote from Keren Lam on being “in relation” to another person. What are the expectations on you? Do you feel like society expects something from you and you feel another way is more suited […]

Maintaining Your Yoga Practice While Vacationing

Modify your existing practice Plan a consitent time for it Bring your gear Know that you don’t need any gear Do what you can Keep people aware of the importance of your practice and get their buy-in Keep it simple, let go, enjoy your trip Incidentally, I went on vacation a few weeks ago, found a sunny spot […]

Yoga In The Workplace

Deadlines, continuous change, personality conflicts, money (!); work can be stressful. Taking a moment whenever you feel your shoulders tense up can do a world of good. In those moments focusing on a deep long inhale and exhale, a walk to the washroom or pouring some water, while mindfully letting go everything else and focusing on the present moment, […]

Our Brains Are Wired To Connect

“When you experience more pain, there is more activity in the dACC (region of the brain). Lots of studies had shown this before ours – but ours was the first study to show that this as true not only for physical pain but for social pain as well. In both cases, a person’s ability to […]

Deepening Your “Yoga Friends” Relationships

Yoga is wildly popular in North America. It draws people together. At dinner, after class or over chai, delve into the people around you.   Perhaps Listen. Remain quiet and Listen. The first step in understanding.   Perhaps Ask. From their story.   What drew you to yoga? What is your favorite pose and why? Have […]

Quick Review: Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga

Common in the western world, are three main lineages of Hatha yoga practices; Patanjali Classical Yoga, Advaita Vedanta Yoga and Tantric Yoga*. During a typical Hatha yoga class, a teacher may discuss the “Limbs or Branches of Yoga.” These limbs comprise the spiritual evolution guidelines and purpose for Yoga practice. Eight limbs philosophy falls under Patanjali […]

Getting A Start On Simplifying

  With the stress of modern life, paring down the things that need our attention to those that are of the most importance, can create not only a space of calm without but a space of calm within. “If you’ve contemplated simplifying your life, you’re not alone. Simplifying doesn’t mean we have to give away […]

Freedom From The Known

“Love is something new, fresh, alive. It has no yesterday and no tomorrow. It is beyond the turmoil of thought. It is only the innocent mind which knows what love is, and the innocent mind can live in the world which is not innocent. To find this extraordinary thing which man has sought endlessly through […]

3 Variations Of Childs Pose

  A common cue in yoga class, is to come down into child’s pose to rest. Many variations are available. Three variations are shown above. It may be best to experiment with each to see which one provides the relief needed.  

May Flowers

“Worship does not mean offering flowers. It means offering your heart To the vast mystery Of the universe.   It means letting your heart pulse With the life of the universe, Without thought and without reservation.   It means being so in love That you are willing to dissolve And be recreated in every moment.” […]

Prep For Wheel Using Bridge Pose

Wheel Pose can feel like a beautiful open release. When you get there comfortably. To work to create that comfort, practicing Bridge pose is a good way to start and progress. In Bridge, back-body on the mat, hands alongside the long sides of the mat, palms facing down feet hip distance apart, approaching fingertips, press […]

Getting Started With Abhyanga Massage

“Touch is an essential part of the human experience. Massage can be relief to the mind and body.” Recently, I had the experience of having a professional Abhyanga massage. The Therapist applied a variety of Vata-Pitta balancing oils in long strokes along the long bones of the body and short circular strokes on the joints. […]